ELO Ranch

“What you do in this life matters, it echoes through the generations and on into eternity!” Marcus Aurelius

We have been visualizing this moment since September 2011.  After many years and many opportunities that didn’t work out for one reason or another, we have the opportunity to purchase a property that is even larger than our dreams. Below you will find information regarding this property and what our plans are for it. You can choose the “Donate Now” button or scroll to the bottom of this page to find out how you can team up with us to accomplish our mission. But first, the question that everyone asks – “Can I see some pictures?” Here are just a few pictures of the property:   


  1. 3,017 Acres
  2. Property is surrounded by big neighbors (1,000 acres – 22,000 acres depending on which direction)
  3. Almost 300’ of elevation change throughout the property (Extremely rare in this part of the state)
  4. Two (2) large draws/valleys run through the property
  5. 8 wildlife drinking troughs
  6. 10,000 gallons of water storage with county water on the north side of the ranch.  There is a water meter in place on the north end of the ranch, and nearly 1 mile of waterline that feed the ranch to ensure there is water wherever it is needed.
  7. Fantastic water well that feeds the south end of the ranch. This water well is logged at 45 gpm, and there is utility electricity at the well house supplying a booster pump that feeds nearly 2 miles of waterline run throughout the property to ensure there is water wherever it is needed.   
  8. 20 acre lake.  Lake is filled by 40,000 acres of run off and an underground aquifer.
  9. Three (3) ponds.  3 acre pond, 2 acre pond , and half an acre pond spread throughout the property.
  10. Electricity: There are overhead power lines that are abundant on both the North and South ends of the property. Bringing electricity to any desired location on the property can easily be achieved.
  11. Approximately 18 miles of interior roads that provide access to the entire ranch. 
  12. Ten (10) elevated and carpeted enclosed blinds
  13. Twenty (20) animal feeders.
  14. Almost 10 (miles) of fence around the property outlining the property boundaries.
  15. Two 20’ wide solar powered electronic entrance gates. One on each side of the property.
  16. Approximately 60 breeding animals have already been introduced to the ranch 2 years ago, not including the native white-tail deer, turkey, quail and pheasant, hogs, bobcat and coyote.
  17. Numerous building sites are located throughout the property. 


Property is located between Guthrie, Tx and Knox City, Tx.

Dallas/Fort Worth: 3.5 hrs (200 miles SE).

Abilene: 1 .5 hrs (90 miles S).

Lubbock: 1.75 hrs (115 miles W).

Amarillo: 3.25 hrs (200 miles NW).

Austin: 5.5 hrs (300 miles SE).

Knox City: 20 minutes (22 minutes)


Access is fantastic and all weather. King County just recently rocked the last 1.5 miles of County Road frontage. So, there is access on the entire East side of the ranch where both electronic gates are located.

There is also an unbelievable network of interior roads that provide access to the entire ranch (Approximately 18 miles).

Numerous small/private landing strips to the North/South/East. All with 20-45 mins


As you can imagine we are still somewhat in shock with the events that have transpired since Tuesday September 26, 2023. The events that have transpired since that day and what we believe are currently transpiring, can only be explained by the power of Jesus Christ. We have been thinking about ways to get the most out of the Ranch, so the following items are not an all inclusive list, but are just a starting point:

  1. Our plan is to dedicate 1 week a month to ELO events on the Ranch at least until the Ranch is paid off. Once paid off, our goal is to dedicate more time to ELO events.
  2. We cannot stress this enough. We are expanding ELO to include this new property. We currently have NO plans to stop ELO in Pennsylvania. We still plan to hold some of the same events as the past – Kids Fishing Rodeo, Turkey Shoot, Hiking, Archery course, etc.  This new opportunity opens so many additional doors for us to serve others.  This gives us the opportunity to get more people here in Franklin County involved because of the endless opportunities to serve.
  3. Many of you that have been to hunting camps/outfitters before know that they can get a little out of hand and sometimes are used for getaways that are anything but pleasing to the Lord. This won’t be one of those ranches. This is going to be made known publicly that we are a Christ organization. While we all have our struggles and demons that we are dealing with, we will not be participating in any of those events, and they are strictly forbidden on all our premises.
  4. This will be open for use by all Christ Centered groups during various time of the year for their getaways, retreats, revival, planning, etc.
  5. During the other weeks of the month, we will be selling hunting, fishing, and camping experiences to the public. The goal is for these paid experiences to pay for all of the expenses throughout the year and fund the ministry.
  6. We envision this being mainly an outreach ministry to non-believers. We will work together with local churches to bring people from the local community and people/families from our communities at no charge.
  7. During these monthly retreats/events, we will be ministering to all different types of people. Some will be mature believers, and some may never have opened a Bible in their lives. We will intentionally have individuals at our events who are willing and who desire to invest themselves into the lives of others. There are times where we will have special guest speakers, seminars, pastors, teachers, etc with planned programs to international bring the word of God to those attending. Once the retreat/event is over, the individuals that are part of ELO are then responsible to stay in touch with a specific family/person from the event.
  8. We plan for this ranch to be a teaching ranch as well. We plan to teach land management, water conservation, and animal care and management. We are hoping to reach out to local schools and partner with them to utilize the ranch as much as possible.

ELO Ranch

$24,215 of $3.4 million raised

Total fund needed is $6,400,000.  The breakdown of associated cost is:

  1. Purchase of the ranch $8,400,000 ($5,000,000 already secured/raised) balance $3,400,000.
  2. Purchase of the equipment, buildings, & supplies (budgeted) – $3,000,000

Currently our immediate concern is acquiring the remaining $3,400,000 needed to complete the purchase of the property. After this is completed, we then have another 6 months to raise the additional $3,000,000 to fund the rest of the items needed.

If you decide that you would like to help us out, we have a few options.  If you want to donate for something specific, please use the “Comments” section below to let us know what you would like your donation to be used for.

  1. General donation – will be used where it is needed most at the time.
  2. Fund the purchase of the Property – This will be used to purchase the property. If there is an excess of funds in this account, the money will then be used to pay off any existing loans. If there is still an excess of funds, the donor will be contacted and ask if they want us to return their money or if we can use if for something different.
  3. Specific Donation Towards – This will be used to purchase specific items as chosen by the donor. If there is an excess of funds for this specific item, the donation will be held in our account until the need arises or the donor will be contacted and ask if they want us to return their money or if we can use it for something different.  If you would like to donate a specific item, please contact us for the list of options.  The best way to contact us is brian@eloutdoors.com or 717-658-5374.

All donations will be tax deductible minus the value of the item(s) received in return for your donation per IRS laws.

Bass Sponsorship – $250-$500.  Your free gift of:

  • 1 ELO shirt

Pheasant Sponsorship – $500 – $999.  Your free gift of:

  • 1ELO shirt
  • 1 ELO Tumbler

Turkey Sponsorship – $1,000 – $4,999.  Your free gift of:

  • 1 ELO shirt
  • 1 ELO Tumbler
  • 1 ELO Insulated Outdoor Can Cooler Bag

Aoudad Sheep Sponsorship – $5,000 – $9,999.  Your free gift of:

  • 1 ELO Tumbler
  • 1 ELO Insulated Outdoor Can Cooler Bag
  • 1 Year advertising on our website and Facebook shout outs.
  • Included in the thank you section located inside the main lodge.


Sponsorships greater than $10,000 – Please contact us to discuss your free gift options.



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